The DeltaFarji Company officially stablished and began its Activities in 1999 in Tehran (Iran) and considered one of the biggest engineering and specialized in:

1- provider of Spare part for Lathe Machine 

2- presision measuring industrial for petrochemical, primer tape and glue.

3- provide of agricultural irrigation equipment and agricultural Tools.

4- provider of Remotely controlled urban irrigation system, construction project, hospital, Villas and Swimming pools.

Products are available in the Delta Faraji which you can purchase in both patrial and whole sale form such as:

Lathe machine machine, Spindle lathe machine, Fixed lathe machine, lathe cylinder machine, high precision floor lateh, Crankshaft machine, Valve grinding and lapping  machine, Polish machine, metal cutting machine, Shaper machine, Radiator and stable drill machine, compressor, Industrial and home car wash, Tape Primer and glue, pressure and pressure difference, Flow measurement, Level switch, Transmitter level, Water pump and equipment, pipes and hoses and fittings, lawnmower and sprinkler, Tank, water purifier, submersible pump, water pump, Garden water pump, Well pump, Swimming pool pump, Sewage pumping Station, Macerator pump, Central heating pump 

Producer, manufacture companies can contact us from all over the world